General Contract Provisions (GCP)

for the use of the Skiline Online Shop of Alturos Destinations GmbH

Version: November 15, 2021

1. Scope

By using the Skiline Online Shop of Alturos Destinations GmbH (ALTUROS), the user recognizes the validity of these General Contract Provisions (GCP). In addition, the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to any transactions made through the Online Shop shopping cart.

Any user who opens a user account in the Skiline Online Shop agrees to the associated provisions and agrees in particular to the electronic storage and processing of data entered or generated by him.

The Skiline Online Shop is not intended for persons who are subject to a law that prohibits the use of such an online shop. Persons to whom this applies are not permitted access.

2. Content  

ALTUROS strives to ensure the content of its pages are factual and up to date. However, it makes no guarantee about the accuracy and completeness of the information or the balance of opinions. This applies in particular to the guarantee of characteristics of described locations, facilities or services. It should be noted in particular that such characteristics may change over time, especially under seasonal and meteorological conditions.

Alteration of the contents of the Skiline Online Shop, the links, the user interface and the graphics by ALTUROS is possible at any time without prior notice.

The provided information does not constitute an offer to sell, subject to explicit announcement or obvious evidence. The Skiline Online Shop does not contain any solicitation to engage in transactions. Descriptions are for information only. The descriptions do not represent a guarantee of certain characteristics but serve only to give a general impression.

3. Linked Sites

By using a link, the user may leave the Skiline Online Shop. The content of linked websites of third parties is not checked by ALTUROS. ALTUROS assumes no liability or responsibility for their content, the offers, information or opinions contained therein.

4. Access

ALTUROS makes no guarantee that the Skiline Online Shop will be permanently accessible or that its functions will not be interrupted or error-free and therefore cannot be held liable for the consequences of disruptions in the booking process or the non-submission of messages. Under special circumstances, it reserves the right to switch off the service or parts thereof. ALTUROS will endeavor to quickly resolve interruptions or malfunctions. In addition, ALTUROS expressly points out the many and constant risks that are latent on the Internet. ALTUROS  cannot guarantee that its pages or servers are completely free of viruses or other harmful components.

ALTUROS pays special attention to the user-friendliness of the user interface. The customer is responsible for the correct use of the Skiline Online Shop and in particular the sales platform. Consequences of user errors are solely the responsibility of the customer.

The booking platform is primarily intended for the European area (Switzerland and EEA countries). Access to the platform from outside this region is not guaranteed by ALTUROS. 

5. User Account

The user account of the Skiline Online Shop stores data necessary for the processing of transactions through the shopping cart, such as username, password, first and last name, address, etc. Emails are sent to the email address specified in the user account for transaction processing and system-relevant processes. 

The holder of the user account is responsible for the correct maintenance and updating of the data. If he enters information about third parties, he himself must have the necessary authorization. It is in the own interest of the account holder to keep the access password secret. In case of suspicion of misuse of the account, ALTUROS should be contacted immediately. The ALTUROS systems do not process credit card data. This happens solely through the specialized service providers involved in the checkout.

The deletion of a user account can be requested by email ( ) through Customer Support. However, deletion is not possible as long as a valid (not expired) procurement authorization exists on the account. The account is no longer accessible after deletion, can no longer be activated, and all services connected to the account are discontinued. Internally, the account remains stored at least until the end of the legal retention period for business records and is accessible to administrators. Following this, it is irrevocably deleted. 

6. Email Traffic 

The transmission of email messages over public networks is asymmetrical and prone to failure, is unsecured and can be intercepted, read and modified by third parties. In addition to the content, the sender and recipient of the email are also detectable by third parties. This also applies to emails used in communication with ALTUROS. ALTUROS is authorized by the customer to send him emails. ALTUROS is in no way liable for damages resulting from a faulty, disrupted or spied on transmission of an email. These provisions apply analogously to other unsecured forms of communication comparable in their function and level of risk that are currently employed or will be employed in the future.

7. Copyright

The entire content of the Skiline Online Shop is protected by copyright. The use of the website does not grant the user any rights to the content, the software, a registered property right or any other element.

The use of website content for public or commercial purposes is only permitted to draw attention to the promotion or resale of offers and products of ALTUROS. A use of the contents of the Skiline Online Shop that distorts, discriminates or violates the interests of ALTUROS is not permitted. The pictures are available to the user of the website for private use. They may not be altered or cropped without the consent of ALTUROS but used only in the original.

8. Price Information

Prices are valid only for the duration in which they are published directly in the Skiline Online Shop. Solely price information given in EURO (EUR) is valid. Prices in other currencies are for purposes of comparison only and are not binding.

9. Disclaimer

ALTUROS is not liable for any loss or damage (direct or indirect) that may arise from the use of the Skiline Online Shop. In particular, it is not liable for the accuracy of the information distributed in the Online Shop.

10. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Any disputes arising from the use of the Skiline Online Shop are subject to Austrian law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the responsible court at the headquarters of Alturos Destinations GmbH.